Rotary Club of Wasco

Where to Make Up:

Monday 1200 Bakersfield South Holiday Inn Select, 801 Truxton Avenue
Tuesday 1210 Bakersfield North Holiday Inn Select, 801 Truxton Avenue
Wednesday 0645 Bakersfield Breakfast Petroleum Club, 5060 California Ave
Wednesday 1200 Bakersfield West Stockdale Country Club, 7001 Stockdale Hwy.
Wednesday 0630 Shafter Breakfast Shafter Veteran's Hall
Wednesday 1200 Taft Jo's Restaurant
Thursday 1200 Bakersfield Museum of Art, 21st & R St.
Thursday 1200 Delano Kong's Dynasty, 2200 Girard St.
Friday 1200 Bakersfield East E.B. Vet's Hall, 2101 Ridge Rd. @ Mt. Vernon
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